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  1. jack123 added a topic in General   

    What Do You Need To Start Vaping?
    There are different vaporizers for vaping different material, for example, dry herbs, oils, and wax concentrates. Despite the fact that there are some cross breed vapes that enable you to use multiple mediums by essentially exchanging a cartridge, they either are very expensive or perform ineffectively. Here are some of the types of vaporizers: 
    Vaporizers or medical cannabis vaporizers are typically used to vape dry herbs. These vaporizers are typically expensive, and can cost you anywhere between $45 and $300, or even more. Since there is no ignition yet weed is turned into vapor by extreme heat originating from either a heating ceramic plate or hot air, the destructive mixes don't get to your lungs. 
    Electronic Cigarettes 
    electronic-cigarettesThey transform e-juice or e-fluid into vapor and are the most widely recognized types of vaporizers. Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs can be cig-a-like disposables that cost only a few bucks or top of the line rechargeable, refillable devices that can cost up to $200. These vapes attempt to mirror the sensation of smoking a real tobacco cigarette. Notwithstanding the device, the vaping experience mostly depends on the e-fluid. They are flavored e-juices that could possibly have some nicotine in them. 
    Vape Tanks 
    Vape tanks or cartomizers are one of the very critical parts of your vaping gear. They hold the e-fluid and have a curl that, when activated, can transform the fluid into vapor. Picking vape tanks can be a torment in the butt, especially on the off chance that you don't have a clue about this stuff really well. When purchasing a tank, it's very imperative to make sure it matches your mod or the best of the tanks even when paired with the best of the mods.
    Vape tanks come in four major types: Standard, Sub-Ohm, RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers) and RBAs (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers). Each of these is suitable for different type of mods. Vape tanks can be expensive, and it's not a smart thought to experiment. 
    Vape Mods 
    Vape Mod - another device for vaping Vape mods are enhanced vaporizers with extra parts, more power, and more features. Mods are customized to cater vaping needs of different types of vapers. For example, some vapers prefer their vapor to be more flavor-rich that goes easy on the throat and is easy to inhale, while others need thick vapor, so they can exhale enormous plumes (or even do some vape traps). Each of them will need a different type of vape mod. 
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  2. OliverJamies added a post in a topic Beginner need help for choosing a quality starter product for smoke tricks!   

    I think you can learn about vapes through some of the relevant websites。
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  3. Leftylink added a topic in General   

    pls help on sinple technique
    Hey there,
    i have some issues making O's. They come out pretty awesum just like they should, but then they flip over by 90 degrees and fall down. What am I doing wrong? Pls tell me cuz I don't have a clue. I'm using a 90/10 base on a smok baby, T8 @ 60-90 watts. Thanks in advance.
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  4. OliverJamies added a post in a topic My buddy and I are trying to make a few trick videos   

    I want to get more knowledge about marijuana
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  5. KiDo added a topic in General   

    Beginner need help for choosing a quality starter product for smoke tricks!
    Hello guys!
    I’m a new guy, and to be honest I've never vaped before, and that’s why I need your help! Forgive me for I may sound ignorant in this post..
    I’m really into start vaping, the problem is as I mentioned, I have little knowledge about it.
    What I’m looking for is a good quality fun product/set (mod.. tank.. eliquid (o nicotine, with some flavor).. everything I need) that would produce big fat and thick clouds which will help me do smoke tricks
    I get that there are some parameters in order to get the best results for that.
    I’m not interested in beginning with something cheap and low results (and later on buying a better one..), I’m willing to put my money on something with quality that will give me what I’m looking for and will last.
    From what I heard, some of the more advanced vapes require some handling knowledge for safety reasons. I’m willing to learn about it before I start vaping, but if you suggest me not starting with that for safety reasons anyway, than I’m willing to try something less advanced.

    So, now that you know what I’m looking for, what can you suggest me?

    Thanks a lot!!!
    Btw- if by a chance you have a link to an online store that sells the product/set and ships worldwide it will help me a lot
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  6. junewu added a topic in General   

    How about the voopoo's new product Alpha One?
    every one,
    VOOPOO have an new product,Does everyone know?

    it parameter is:
    Size: 89.5*54*25mm

    Working Voltage: 6.4-8.5v
    Working Current: 1-45A
    Output Voltage Range:0-7.5V
    Output Current Range:0-55A
    Resistance under Wattage Mode:0.05-3.0Ω
    Resistance under TC Mode:0.05-1.5Ω
    Output Power:5-220w
    Charging Voltage:5V
    Charging Current:1800mA
    Quiescent Current:≤10uA
    Temperature Range:200℉-600℉,100℃-315℃
    Working Efficiency:95%
    Firmware Upgradable:Yes

    How about it?
     Please accept the comment that answers your question.37 minutes ago Share
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  7. Darthvapor666 added a post in a topic I just made a vape trick compilation   

    Hey SurroundedByCloud! that was awesome!I really like the special effects
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  8. Vaperizer1994 added a post in a topic Requesting advice from pro vapers   

    I know it may be stupid to mention this but make sure you keep you hand flat with the o at first until you decide to change direction it took me a while to figure this out cause I didn't have any help as I was unaware of sites like this and vape vids on youtube. 
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  9. SurroundedByCloudz added a topic in General   

    I just made a vape trick compilation
    I just put this together, any feedback would be great. 
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  10. Darthvapor666 added a post in a topic Need help choosing vape mod   

    Hey! hows it going? its all personal preference on Tanks vs. RDA's, I started out with a RDA so thats always felt natural for me but i have friend that do circles around me when it come to vape tricks and they just use tanks. I would say buy a cheap RDA and try it out but stick with whatever is most comfortable
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  11. jvapez added a topic in General   

    Need help choosing vape mod
    Hey I've been vaping for awhile and have been doing tricks with sub ohm tanks. I want start doing tricks with rdas and rdtas and was wondering what's the best mod for beginners for tricks. Also does changing to an rda/rdta make a big difference when it comes to tricks? 
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  12. Darthvapor666 added a post in a topic Please help, my Kbox mini is not allowing me to change the temperature or wattage   

    Hey man! sorry for the late response.... can you still adjust the wattage? or is it not allowing you to change from wattage to temp modes? hopefully its a easy fix 
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  13. Skidzilla added a topic in General   

    Please help, my Kbox mini is not allowing me to change the temperature or wattage
    Hey guys, so I have had my Kbox mini for about a week now, and it suddenly just stopped allowing me to change anything on it. All I can do is turn it on, and turn it off. Any suggestions?
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  14. Mrinalina added a post in a topic Noobie looking for a starter vape   

    Thank you guy for your interest about vaping. And it's effective though. And vaping is used as an alternative ways of smoking. However, if you like to try vaping   Even I have tried it. Quite natural and supportive.
    Hope that help!
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  15. Mrinalina added a post in a topic Noobie looking for a starter vape   

    Thank you for let us know about this. Glad to find it here. lol
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  16. sowdal added a post in a topic How has the new FDA regulations been affecting everyone?   

    So far so good dude.  I'm in Dago too.  I usually hit up Mr. Vapor or vapeupusa.
    I thought the regs were gonna wipe them all out but as long as they keep their grubby fish hooks from further prohibition of our art form, things should be OK.
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  17. TobZone added a post in a topic Handcheck!   

    Greetings fellowvapors! New member here and this is my handcheck for today

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  18. Darthvapor666 added a post in a topic Draft created by pushing Os   

    Hey hows it going any progress? I occasionally have problems with that too I have been working on just working around it and using the draft to make the O's go where I want I'll blow one to right and one to the left then walk forward and blow my third one forward between the two and my draft pushes the first two O's perfectly. Are you talking about when your moving and blowing O's or wen your stationary?
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  19. Darthvapor666 added a post in a topic How do I make my O's really big?   

    Yes that should be possible if you use 24g kanthal
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  20. Morisulmar added a topic in General   

    E Starter Kit
    starter kit for new user of vape,the kit include tank and battery,easy use and carry,best choice for new users. Here is more details about our products
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  21. Chef_vape_88 added a topic in Tips & Tricks   

    Draft created by pushing Os
    So I've got to pushing Os but I find there's a draft created by pushing one and bringing my hand back to get ready for the next which makes blowing the next ones really difficult. Ways to avoid this?
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  22. Darthvapor666 added a post in a topic Beginner Lf Experience   

    Hey Shade hows it going? For starters you don't need a new device or tank! I would start off by closing up the airflow on your tank about halfway and turning your mod up to 60 watts. Most people that do vape tricks use rebuildable atomizers but its all about preference if you feel like branching out and trying something new I would try that, a easy to build but still a good quality atomizer is the Mutation V4 or the Mutation V4 XS. If you want google those and some simple how to build videos and see if that's something you would be interested in. Also about you juice, to be honestly really don't think higher VG than 70/30 makes a difference because I know people that use 70/30-99/1 VG/PG and I don't notice much of a difference in their cloud or their O's. One of the most important thing to learn if you want to get into tricks is how to inhale then exhale leaving the vapor in your mouth but I'm pretty sure that the size of your mouth piece is not the problem.
    I hope this helps if you have any other questions just let me know!
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  23. Shade added a topic in General   

    Beginner Lf Experience
    Sup peeps,
    I recently started to look at vape tricks and am kinda impressed on what u can do with it so i would like to give it a try myself.
    Now my prob is i own a cuboid mini(max 80W) mod with the aspire cleito clearomizer (i think its a clearomizer) and it feels like i cant perfom tricks with it since i cant keep the smoke in my mouth but need to inhale directly in my loungs because of the kinda big mouthpiece.
    now my questions are:
    - Is my mod good enough to perform vape tricks or do i need a better one with more watts?( currently i vape at 50W, 4.64V, 0.43ohm)
    -do i need different clearomizer with other moutpiece? (any suggestions that would fit on my cuboid mini?)
    - I smoke 70/30 VG/PG is the VG high enough?
    can someone give me an idea what a good looking mod + clearomizer would look like to perfom tricks, and what i need to keep in mind before buying any clearomizer that maybe wont fit my mod?
    Sorry for all the questions but i think im in the right place here!
    Thanks in advance,
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  24. Darthvapor666 added a post in a topic Noobie looking for a starter vape   

    Hey dude! I personally wouldn't recommend any box mods that have a built in tank because you might not like the tank but you'll unfortunately be stuck with it. The Rx 200 and the Laisimo are both awesome mods but i'm not sure if you already have batteries or a battery charger. I have been into this setup ( ) its the micro one 150 watt box mod its small and comes with tank and it has a internal battery so you don't need to buy anything else besides juice!
    I hope this helps!
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  25. dogeatworld3 added a topic in General   

    Noobie looking for a starter vape
    Hey guys, I'm just getting into vaping and was wondering if you guys could recommend me the very best model to start with. I am looking for something that is easy to carry around, with a long battery life to last at least several hours on a given charge. I have been looking at a bunch of different vape products online and I am conflicted on which to buy.    
    Here are my top options currently looking at from    
    Please respond quickly guys! Thanks! #VapeLife    
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