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  1. PurpleDragon

    how do you know if a mech mod is good?

    Well a lot of it has to do with the battery as well. I don't have a mech mod as I don't enjoy them. But pretty much you need a good battery and a wrap that can push the most out of the battery. That's essentially it. RDA slightly matters cause of airflow, but usually that's not a problem.
  2. PurpleDragon

    Hand Tornado

    Yeah, just make sure that when you do the motion that your hand that was cupping the smoke turns 90 degrees so that the vape would fall to the floor if you didn't move your hand after that. The moment you turn your hands 90 degrees you do the normal motion, and depending on how you do it you'll either make a sideways tornado or a straight up and down one. Very difficult for both and Ive only done straight up and down a few times.
  3. PurpleDragon

    Hand Tornado

    You have a link to one of your videos doing this? I'd like to see.
  4. PurpleDragon

    Requesting advice from pro vapers

    Personally I start with my hand next to my face and as soon as I shoot out a smoke ring my hand is right there following it until it slows down. At that point is when I start the bending. It'll take a bit to get the speed of which you wanna start bending down. Also don't touch the ring, and try to be fluid in your motions.
  5. PurpleDragon

    Hand Tornado

    Oh well my idea was to use my right hand as a 'surface' and use my left hand as the motion, but it hasn't work as well as the first method I stated.
  6. PurpleDragon


    Here again. Just got a new ipv 3 li. It's nice and while the touch sensor it has is a gimmic, it's a fun gimmic. Oh and my rda is a doge v2. It's got a funny little doge on it. Much vape oh and my fav juice rn is ice cold from vape wild.
  7. PurpleDragon

    Help with Kbox mini

    I forgot to mention that it is a tank you think that will affect anything with the build your talking about. Also thanks a lot for the help cause Google wasn't helping me very much
  8. PurpleDragon

    Help with Kbox mini

    Pretty much trying to push the limit on my 50w Kbox mini. Currently trying build a single coil for the mini rba it has that can push 50w. Right now I'm using a 4 wrap 26 gauge. It gets me 30w before it destroys my cotton. All I'm asking is a build that can me to push my mod to 50w without burning the cotton/coil. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. PurpleDragon

    Online juice companies

    Vale wild is a pretty good company. Only problem is they don't pre-steep unless you buy that specifically. In which case they might be out of stock for your favorite juice. Other than that they give you pretty good prices and even throw in some free 10ml of free juice with every purchase. In fact a friend gave me his free sample of mystery flavor which is how I know of them
  10. PurpleDragon


    Ayy got a kangertech kbox mini
  11. PurpleDragon

    Hand Tornado

    I did this cool little hand tornado were you blow vape smoothly into your hand which is cupped, and do the usual hand motion for a tornado. It took me a few try's and your likely to actually get a sideways tornado. Personally I've only been able to get it straight up a few times, but it is doable. Thinking about trying it with two hands and play around with that a bit.