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  1. spence.vape

    jellyfish need help!

    Blow your O, Push it, Take a second hit but ONLY into your MOUTH, then push it out of your mouth without blowing it (using your tongue/jaw). It will make jellies WAYYYYY easier!
  2. spence.vape

    Clone Vs Authentic?

    I don't have anything against clones personally. I like saving money! I got a colonial mech mod clone in a VapeBox and it hits ridiculously hard, but the button gets stuck sometimes which isn't ideal. BUT I also bought an authentic APV mech (lifestyle mod) and the button sticks as well and doesn't hit as hard. So... I really don't see many differences lol. I bought a Dark Horse Mini clone and it hits really smooth, deff was worth the $10. But my favorite mods and RDA's are all authentic and put up with wear and tear, dropping them, and daily use for months on end. So in the end I usually buy authentic if the price is right! All can be seen a little further down in my IG feed (@spence.vape).
  3. spence.vape

    Saturn jellies

    I deff need to work on the lasso! I've seen it but never knew the name. I'll be working on those. Thanks for the tips !
  4. spence.vape

    Shark bends

    I'll try that! Thank you!
  5. spence.vape

    Hand Tornado

    Hey I liked your idea! One way I found a little bit of success was making my box mod my table, and doing the tornado off of that. Spence. IG @spence.vape
  6. spence.vape

    Help with Jellies

    No problem! Glad I could help. Just keep practicing and you'll get it in no time. Like a lot of people say, dropping a ball of vapor very similar to ghosting works really well for jellies. The harder you can pop your O, and the more consistent you can push it, the better the O will take your vapor and make it a jelly. Spence.
  7. spence.vape


    It's my profile pic, but here's a closer look (: Check out my IG for a better look @spence.vape ❄ Dark Horse Mini on Sigelei 150W TC ❄ Doge V2 on Sigelei 150W ❄ Royal Hunter on IPV4 120W ❄ Doge X2 on Beyondvape Rune Mod ❄ Coming in the mail soon: Reuleaux RX200 by Wismec & JayBo Favorite Juice right now: Strawberry Fruit Roll Up by JuiceRollUpz
  8. spence.vape

    Atty for cloud chasing

    I've seen some good success with both my Doge V2 and Doge X2. Particularly the X2 because it has more airflow options. If I were you I'd watch cloud comps and try to see what atty's they have on their mods, ask in the YouTube comments, etc. I'd also suggest using an unregulated mod as I've found they hit much harder than regulated mods giving you more vapor, quicker! Good luck! Spence IG @spence.vape
  9. spence.vape

    Help with Jellies

    I couldn't do jellies for awhile but I found the secret that helped get them easily pretty much every time. Blow O, push the O with consistent speed to make it bigger. While you're pushing, or right after you push it, take a MOUTH HIT, that's the thing that made the huge difference for me. Push the mouth hit vapor out by closing your mouth and if you need help, use your tongue. I've found a bit more success when I make my lips like I'm kissing someone. Also, you can approach the top of your O and open your mouth and for me, the O takes out my vapor really quickly and wrap the O and it looks super dope! Hope you get em! Spence. IG @spence.vape
  10. spence.vape

    Saturn jellies

    UPDATE: Sorry for the double post but I've found out a little more about it. Right now I'm practicing and found out when you take that second hit to put vapor through your O to make the jelly, if you keep your mouth more O shaped and push it out a little faster it causes a strand to wrap around similar to the one in the video. Mine is still really weak when it wraps around but visible. I assume that the better your mouth position is, mixed with a good push-out of vapor you'll get better rings. I'll be experimenting with pushing out vapor while also trying to do an O using the jaw-pop type of method to get an O in with the vapor.
  11. spence.vape

    Shark bends

    Hey again, Wanted to make separate threads for different tricks so they're easy to find! There's a video on shark bends but for the life of me, I just ruin my O's when I try them. There's no mention of how to suck in, the strength of sucking in, etc. I keep trying new ways but nothing seems to work... Any, more further in depth, tips?? Thanks guys, here's the tutorial from A_kidz
  12. spence.vape

    Saturn jellies

    Hey, I got my jellies pretty good, get em 9/10 times and am starting to do and O through and O to a jelly, and putting 2 mouthfuls of vapor in my jellies, etc. But I've been watching videos and can't figure out to get the saturn ring going around it.... anyone know??? Here's a video of FreshSkaterJay doing it. Thanks guys! Spence.
  13. spence.vape

    Trick build - thoughts?

    Hey guys, new here, have a question: I'm not sure what to build for tricks. Right now I'm running a nice clapton build that's okay for tricks once it's warm, and I'm not a cloud chaser but I did do a 5 wrap 20g build which hits hard but get's super warm, real fast. Not so good for chain vaping for tricks. I was going to try a 6 wrap 20g as I saw in a video from a vape tricker (forgot the name). Any other suggestions? I have a decent supply of wire from 20g-28g I believe, low on 24g at the moment. Thoughts on air flow and wattage for the build as well? Thanks! Spence.