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  1. Hi people, I used rip trippers guide to rebuild my nautilus BVC coils(I added a couple extra wraps than him as I wanted higher resistance, they are 1.8 ohm where are RIp's would probably be around 1.6). Thing is, the thing has been sitting in its box for a week since I got my el cabron clone RDA and was learning all this cool new stuff about Ohms, safety, coil wrapping, and fun. I took the nautilus coils apart when I got the RDA as I knew you could rebuild them, but for some dumb reason( I am brain damaged, so don't always make the best decisions) I must of threw out the metal grilles that stops the nautilus spitting juice into your mouth. Now It spits loads of the stuff into my mouth, lucky I home make my juice and know what goes into this! Also, take this as an introduction post. My names Conan, and I have been vaping since the ego styles were popular, I did stop when I quit nicotine completely, but I now vape for the flavour and clouds with zero nicotine home made juice. I'm 25, and am into vaping, playing darts(memeber of a darts forum) and yoyo'ing. Yep, you read that right. Yoyo'ing. I've got to a pretty advanced level with that, I just don't seem to practice as much now I am better, its kind of like well I have learned most of the tricks, what next? Whereas I like vaping due to the technical side, I am quite technical minded, and darts you always are improving at, so thats why it can hold my attention. EDIT: Oh yeah, most important, my MOD! I use a SIgelei 30 Watt mini with either the nautilus, or lately the El cabron clone by tobeco. That thing is a fog machine at 20+ watts. I'm 25, and just looking for people who vape to chat with really. But, anyone who could stop the BVC unit spitting at me will be a legend for ever.