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    Hello all, my name is mo and I'm from indonesia. I started vaping about 2 years...I think. I started because I don't want to smoke 2 packs a day. Now I'm dropping like 2 or 4 cigarettes a day. I still hope I can stop. My build was vaporshark dna, aspire atlantis with hiiiiigh ohm,lol.
    Now, for the past 6 months, I do like cloud more than flavour now, AND especially doing tricks. Soo, yeah, that's about me. 
    I go here because at the other forum, they tend to "restricted" to super subohming, and for what I know, trickster build must at least 0.1-ish...err, is that correct? 
    My build now, is a vgod mech mod, twisted messes rda by compvape, LG HB6's, VTC4's, with 5 wraps of 24awg ni80 on 2mm drillbit. Comin at 0.14, is that enough? 
    What should I do for biginner "trick" vaping?
    Note that I build my own coil countlessly.
    Thank you all.
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