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  1. I am in no way a pro but I have decent skill. I accidently did a "trick" that I cannot replicate for the life of me. I've searched everywhere online. And it seems like this has literally never been done. I was just blowing rings one by one, not very fast. And then out of nowhere, two rings left my mouth at the same time in one "cough". One right behind the other. NOT side by side. The ring that came out first was milky and the second one wasn't as milky but it was definitely there and they were the same size, about 5 inches. My friend was with me and he saw the same thing. We kind of looked at eachother the second it happened like "what was that?" And I haven't been able to do it since. I don't know how I did it. I do know that I was trying to make my rings milky so I was gathering vapor in my mouth before "coughing." I hope that makes sense and I hope someone out there can either tell me what I did. Or maybe someone can try to do it and figure it out.