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  1. Hey,
    I got my jellies pretty good, get em 9/10 times and am starting to do and O through and O to a jelly, and putting 2 mouthfuls of vapor in my jellies, etc. But I've been watching videos and can't figure out to get the saturn ring going around it.... anyone know??? Here's a video of FreshSkaterJay doing it.

    Thanks guys!
  2. Hey guys, new here, have a question:
    I'm not sure what to build for tricks. Right now I'm running a nice clapton build that's okay for tricks once it's warm, and I'm not a cloud chaser but I did do a 5 wrap 20g build which hits hard but get's super warm, real fast. Not so good for chain vaping for tricks. I was going to try a 6 wrap 20g as I saw in a video from a vape tricker (forgot the name).

    Any other suggestions? I have a decent supply of wire from 20g-28g I believe, low on 24g at the moment.

    Thoughts on air flow and wattage for the build as well?

  3. Post on Hand Tornado in Tips & Tricks

    By PurpleDragon, posted
    I did this cool little hand tornado were you blow vape smoothly into your hand which is cupped, and do the usual hand motion for a tornado. It took me a few try's and your likely to actually get a sideways tornado. Personally I've only been able to get it straight up a few times, but it is doable. Thinking about trying it with two hands and play around with that a bit.