uthentic White AR mod v1.5 and Authentic Switch mod v1

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Hey guys I'm selling two of my mods that I don't use as much as I'd like too. Both are in great working condition and have a few minor blemishes but nothing too noticeable.

White Authentic AR mod with matching dog tags bought at vapecon last year, with a Plum Veil clone with a TOBH top cap. This mod is super clean for the color the only blemish is on the bottom button and could be cleaned up easily I'm asking $150 for the setupĀ 

Custom Authentic Switch V1 mod with the original Switch Atty. This is one of the only aluminum bodied switch mods that has a brass button which I think is rad because Switch made a exception for me when I ordered it. It hits great and the main noticeable blemish is on the bottom corner it does not affect the throw of the button though. I'm asking $75 for this setup





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