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having trouble getting my coils to fire at the same time?????please help!!!!!

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Hey guys I need some help... about a day after changing my cotton in my vape one side of the cotton gets really dirty while the other side is brand new and when I change my cotton again my coils do what's in the pic I posted any suggestions???  


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Hey there! It looks like you either have a hotspot or one of the coils is not connecting properly. First check to make sure your screws are tight. A lot of times one screw will loosen over time, you can test to make sure they connect by wiggling the slack of your wire on the opposite side of the post hole. If the coil isnt stable, then its not connecting properly. If your coils arent connecting properly their are two tricks I know of besides just replacing the coils.

Trick #1

Use tweezers to separate BOTH your coils so none of the wraps are touching, then squeeze them back together this works about 50% of the time

Trick #2

Grab a small flat screwdriver and scrape it across your coils from the first wrap to the last, if the coils made a little jingle then you did it right

I hope this helps,if not let me know i got some more tricks up my sleeve :P

Stay Cloudy Friends 


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thank you so much!!! i tightened my screws they were all loose but on the side it wasnt firing it was the loosest. I didnt know my mod could hit that hard its such a big difference thanks again darthvapor666!

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